Balloon Care & Disclaimer

Please note that balloon colours may differ online vs real life due to the different calibration of computer monitors and phone screens.

Balloon Care Instructions:

  • Store balloons in a cool, dry environment and out of direct sunlight. 
  • On hot days, or in direct sunlight, balloons may pop within an hour.  The same result can occur indoors, if balloons are exposed to direct sunlight through windows.
  • Very cool environments may cause helium molecules to shrink, reducing the size and float time of balloons.
  •  Keep balloons away from any type of cool breeze for maximum float time.
  • Do not inhale helium from a balloon.  Inhaling helium can result in asphyxiation (loss of consciousness due to insufficient oxygen).
  • Do not leave balloons in vehicles unattended. 
  • Do not release balloons outdoors.  Power failures can result if these balloons become entangled in electric lines.  Moreover, latex balloon materials are harmful to animals if ingested. 
  • Keep balloons away from sharp objects     
  • Children under 8 years-old can choke or suffocate on non-inflated or broken balloons. Adult supervision is required.
  • Keep non-inflated balloons away from children and animals. 
  • Please discard broken balloons immediately.